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Women forums in IT industry – hype or real?

I have had very interesting conversations with many on the need to start a Women’s Forum  in  IT corporates -  It ranged from “This is a long felt need”  to   “why only Women’s initiative – why not Men’s initiative? call it gender equality!!!….”

Over the years in IT industry, I hardly saw any situation where women can operate differently because they are women. When we assess someone’s capabilities to fit into IT industry, we look for standard traits -  Zero-defect project deliveries, vast domain knowledge, excellent communication and team management skills, client-facing capabilities ……..  all these are gender-inclusive expectations in our industry.

Research has also proven that women have a higher EQ (Emotional Quotient), which in today’s corporate world is rated higher than IQ – this actually gives women an edge over men in problem solving.  The recent trend analysis also concludes that corporates which have women as part of senior management have done much better than those who do not.

Ideally, with the above two facts, the women workforce in IT industry should be at a minimum of 50%.  In reality, statistics show that women workforce ranges between 25% to 30% and less than 15% of senior management in most global IT companies.

The reason for lesser percentage of women is mostly attributed to women’s extended role in family and childcare – this is true globally. Surveys have concluded that in households where men and women work, women still do twice as much housework and thrice as much childcare.

How do we enable women workforce to sustain their career aspirations while they manage their housework and childcare responsibilities   -   this is the major trigger for many IT corporates to start  corporate programs supporting women -  Ideally, from my perspective, these forums/programs need to

  • enable women workforce with additional skills required to multitask
  • leverage women’s potential for furthering organization goals
  • retain women talent
  • establish the IT corporate as “employer of choice” by women workforce

So, what can women do to with the support from these forums??

  • KNOW YOURSELF – “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” – James Allen.   With understanding themselves, comes the wisdom – with wisdom comes the personal power.
  • DEVELOP SKILLS – Ensure they develop skills which continue to give them the financial independence.  This is very critical – with financial independence comes a lot of responsibility and with responsibility, they grow as an individual
  • BE AWARE AND EMBRACE CHANGE –   Continuously challenge their limits – every archiver (Gender inclusive!) has done this!

We need a whole lot of committed change agents  who can make this change……and be part of the change!!   Till then, the debate on the need for  women’s forum will continue…and probably the cheeky lot will continue to check about the need for men’s forum!!


Category -  Drama-Romance ;  Rating -  3.5  ;  Comment  – Taking care of those who need that care is an esoteric experience in itself!

A lazy Sunday evening and aimless channel surfing -    I ended up watching “Adam” for an hour and half…a heartening realistic romance drama. It was a realistic ending with big emphasis on pragmatism!

The theme is an underlying romance between the budding writer and an Aspergers ,   For those, who is new to the term Aspergers,can read it out here…The movie tries to define love -  love is to whom you  may feel connected and about what.

Nevertheless, the challenge is always in the difference it makes when you know you are being loved Vs being in love.  No doubt that being in love is a great feeling, but I read somewhere that the most powerful force in a woman’s life is the need to be appreciated, loved and cherished for what she is… -  that kind of laid the foundation on why Beth feels that way…

What caught my attention in the movie is the challenges the caretakers of Aspergers  go through -  while it gives a great satisfaction to manage someone who has aberrations at psychological level (there are so many undefined mental states outside Aspergers, some even undetected!)  it is so tough on an individual  -  there are millions and millions of those individuals around this world who go through those emotions and pursue towards the greater goal of taking care of their loved ones…and many-a-times without any recognition.  This movie is a dedication to those lovely souls of mankind who care for others…God bless!

ps-if you are an Indian movie watcher  -  “My name is Khan” in Hindi  and ” Swati Mutyam” in Telugu (Sippikul Muthu” in Tamil) have similar story lines!


Everything is oxymoron, from every perspective

‘Absolutely unsure’ and in a ‘calm storm’

A ‘real dream’ which is ‘attractively distractive’

And a ‘true illusion’ which is ‘out of norm’


Still, is an interesting journey to a ‘definite mystery’ destination,

‘Focussing to defocus’ on the ‘perfect imperfection’

‘Consistently changing’ to ‘connect the disconnect’ with the cosmic soul

‘Experiencing inexperience’ and living the ‘illogical logic’ which is in ‘chaotic control’!


Open ended movies – Anniyan (#atozapril 2013 challenge)

Very innovative sub-genre from Tossing it out for the letter O of the A to Z challenge.

To put it simply, these are films whose ending is not clear,  confusing, or not an ending at all  -  Anniyan (2005) was one of those movies which fall into this category  -  there was no ending at all  or to be more precise, the ending was more like the beginning of the story line again.  This movie used the medical condition of Multiple Personality Disorder and weaved a thrilling story line around it  -  the lead actor Vikram had put in great efforts to bring in the difference between the differences between his two split personalities.  This movie did make a tremendous impact on the south Indian scene and was equally a box-office hit.

In an analogy, our lives is open-ended  -   when at times we feel that we have figured out it all, it opens up a big set of surprises!   Probably that is what makes all of us interested in life  -  the surprise factor, the factor that there are millions of things which we will keep coming up new every day for us to understand and appreciate, the ever-lasting secrets of nature -  what makes a flower bloom? what will the worms think? why is the planetary system following the standard routine?etc etc…..

Life, ofcourse is beautiful………being open ended adds to that beauty!!

Bangalore – the Best!

It was a pleasant surprise when I read the news about Bangalore being ranked as the best city to live in India……it actually surpassed all the four  Indian metros  -  Delhi, Kolkatta, Mumbai and Chennai!!!…….The news article can be read here

While I know the traffic and infrastructure needs more improvement, the upcoming metro train transport in Bangalore should address it is my sincere hope.  Ofcourse, it goes without saying that the state governance should be focussed and committed on this  – the live streaming of CM’s office which started with a big bang is facing technical snag and I hope the metro train plans are reviewed for any such snag….

Here is my list of top seven reasons on why I like Bangalore…………..

  1. Weather………lovely all through the year
  2. Greenery………you will be surprised by the small green patches in between densely crowded residential and commercial areas – don’t forget Cubbon park and Lal bagh
  3. People……….Bangaloreans are the best when it comes to making everyone feel at home  -  they are so polite and love peace
  4. Cosmopoliton……..the city itself is so mixed that it has its own cosmopolitan culture..From Malleshwaram to Koramangala it has the Mysore Iyengars to the MTV personalities
  5. IT companies……….gives loads of opportunities
  6. Darshinis………..the ‘stand-and-eat’ restaurants at every other street with their hot ‘idly-vada’, ‘masala dosa’, ‘chow-chow bath’, ‘rave idly’,etc with the fresh coconut ‘chutney’ and hot ‘sambar’
  7. Style……………..

No wonder, the silicon valley of India is the winner of the year!!   Bangalore, the best!!!


Anitha’s short story got the first prize in Unisun Reliance Timeout writing competition 2011  -   I was very happy happy !!……Can’t stop posting this……….check her interesting blogposts  here.   One more women who multitasks, manages work and family and still keeps her passion for life, and continues to strive for the best  keeping her feet firm on the ground!!   :) :)

Congratulations, Anitha!!!  God bless!!

Pati, Patni and Rs.10,000 scheme!!

I was concerned that I am suddenly aggressive and becoming a feminist  (do you need to be a woman to call yourself  a feminist?)…….reason???Because all these days, I had been proud that I am very objective and look at both sides of the coin for any issue….but two weeks back, this is what happened……

Our house help came that morning as usual  -  but her face was swollen and she told that her husband hit her because she opened a bank account and moved the money from a private chit fund to savings bank account   -   given that she is totally independent financially and runs her household with two kids by her own earning, i found no reason for her to  let her husband manhandle her……..when I asked her why he hit her, I gathered that it is a common phenomenon………….and I got aggressive and told her -  “nodu, Lakshmi…..if he hits you again, just hit him back”….She looked at me and true to her innocence self said ”  he is stronger than me, it is difficult to hit him back”………

I never thought  before I retorted strongly  “take chilli powder and put on his face if he comes to hit you anymore”………..I was fuming…….Later when I relaxed and thought about my advice to her, I was concerned ……….

What happened to me? Did I always have these wild streaks within me?? I was sharing it with my friend saying that I probably have become wild…and not docile as i think of myself.  Was a bit conscious that I was reacting to an input without much thought………..

And a week later,  I was flabbergasted when i read the front page article in newspaper Deccan Herald  Pati, Patni and ten thousand…………..this is about an innovative (!!??)  proposal from a state minister in Andra Pradesh, India……….the proposal is for to establish a reward system  for women if they beat up their abusive husbands……

While it will take lot of effort to implement such an innovative idea and it is for the government officials to handle this,  this news item made me upgrade my concern to worry  -  an AP ruling minister  is thinking like me or vice versa!!…………danger danger………God, save me and my thoughts!!!!!   :) :)

ps -  if you are yet to watch how the south Indian regional movies portray an AP ruling minister, you will need help from someone who does it to understand  why I am worried and reaching out to almighty to save me and my thoughts!!   :)  :) :)

Steve Jobs – Lessons!

Here is another leader   -   one who created value and made many of us feel “AHA”…………I truly believe that it is a great story to tell your grandkids that “I lived during the times of Steve!!…who made those ipads….”

While many would have read his speech 2005 Stanford commencement speech, this article below  in Forbes magazine reiterates his uniqueness……….

My order of top ten lessons from Steve’s life  goes here………

  1. Never fear failure
  2. Listen to the voice in the back of your head that tells you if you are on the right track or not
  3. Find the most talented people to surround yourself with
  4. Expect a lot from yourself and others
  5. Stay hungry, Stay foolish
  6. The most enduring innovations marry art and science
  7. To create future, you can’t do it through focus groups  (believe in yourselves!)
  8. Anything is possible through hardwork, determination and a sense of vision
  9. You can’t connect the dots forward, only backwards
  10. Don’t care about being right. Care about succeeding

Here is the article………The Top Ten Lessons Steve Jobs Can Teach Us – If We’ll Listen

ENJOY reading and INTROSPECT how much applies to us!

Sean Maloney – Inspiring!!

I could not resist sharing this article with many  -   It is a truly inspiring story and I am amazed on how much the human will can take control of one’s life……….This is an article in CNN’s money about Sean Maloney  – head of Intel China.

This is an article in CNN’s money about Sean Maloney  – head of Intel China.

When he lost his words due to stroke, he had only his will power to get back  -  “I’ve trained the right side of my brain to take over speech, normally a function of the left side. It’s the hardest thing I have ever done.”……….so, you can train your brain to do what you like….:)

His advice to all…..”Never give up,” he says. “No matter what anyone says, you can attain your goals if you never give up.”

Inspirational!   Makes us take responsibility of our life!

Intel’s Sean Maloney: The man who couldn’t speak

Indian Women – Addendum to Chetan Bhagat’s article!!

This Times of India article from Chetan Bhagat has been well read across India……..I got it forwarded from my collegue who thinks it is real nice quirky….Coming from Chetan ,  it has to be!  – you should read Two States to see what I mean, he indeed has a quirky sense of humour ……..

When I read this article first, I had an immediate good feeling  -  ‘oh-so-good’ of a celebrity guy to appreciate what a women goes through and give suggestions to be stress free…..  To make the ‘oh-so-good’ feeling last for ever…..i had to edit/ add to Chetan’s suggestions…

  1. It is nice of Chetan to make women aware of their power on  mother in laws……:) ….Be aware that women are all powerful  even beyond their mother-in-law….and always remember, with Power comes responsibility…
  2. Absolutely agree with Chetan…….do remember, doing A GOOD JOB is the key….once you understand the key, this law applies to all genders…..
  3. Financial freedom is a bliss… again,  expand your boundaries beyond your mother-in-laws and husband…… women got to be economically independent to say “go take a hike” to far more people beyond their husband and mother-in-law…..
  4. I am sure Chetan meant good when he came out with suggestion for the “STRESSED” women at large…. Still, I find it tough to stop thinking on why this suggestion for women to be less competitive on this gender inclusive world?? …..remember women are much smarter species of homo sapiens and wired to multitask…as long as women can prioritize their responsibilities, they are fine….Women still will be a
    A+  in that one thing (or many)  they want to be, if they want to be!!…….Set your goal and go for it, girl!! 
  5. When it comes to tiffin dubba and  diet, I agree with Chetan…. For me, Indian women think much beyond tiffin dubba and looks..…….and  women  are COMPETITIVE as they want to make a better world for themselves than what it was yesterday……..Just that  they compete on things which are larger than their tiffin dubba and looks ………..…so, let women keep that competitiveness with themselves……losing it may end up giving more stress!!

I may be biased too   (may be it is an Indian thing)……. for me, Indian women at large fight beyond mother-in-laws, husbands and bosses…………

I read  that in a recent survey India ranks as the fourth most dangerous country for women to live in (Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan ranks above us)….….

Indian women are the most indomitable as I see   - they definitely need the spirit of competitiveness -  they will continue to be compassionate ..

Create an environment of inclusivity for the Indian women at large…….consider them as equals (in our heart, we know they are FIRST among equals) … that will take their stress away!!



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