Critical Success Factor

It was “women in IT – leadership forum meeting”!!!

We have all kinds of women, the financial tycoon, the entrepreneur, the CFO, the CXO, the media…..You name it, and you have women in that field.

Two days sessions went on – gender inclusivity (it is no more equality!!, you see!), empowering women in workplace, and what women need in these days…..This is the final session with all the women achievers, they are sharing their wisdom to the potential group of women achievers…….it is an OPEN HOUSE!

Questions are galore…my neighbor, a smart looking lady in her early thirties, was fully engrossed, taking notes….recording some of the answers, ignoring her phone which keeps blinking (it is on silent mode, but it keeps blinking “home calling” ).She is engrossed, and is all ears to listen to the responses of the most critical question of the day, posed to the most successful women

“Mam, what do you think is the Critical Success Factor for a women to achieve her career goals?”

Lots and lots of advice about how to handle various business scenarios, workplace scenarios…….I am trying to focus, focus on the answers – every answer flows in, the brain is trying to accumulate the good tips, some flows out……..some stays in…..!!, but my neighbors phone is still blinking – do I tell her or is he she knowingly ignoring?

The session is still on and neighbor is still engrossed, I feel a sense of restlessness, what if someone is in an emergency and trying to reach her? If she has not realized that the calls are coming in? i need to tell her…

I raise my voice….so that she can hear me above the session “excuse me, I think your phone is ringing”…
She obviously has been ignoring, her reaction tells me…….nevertheless she owes me a response…”ignore it , it is my maid, she want to go home early and has been calling me, I want to catch up with Ms.CFO in person after this session to get additional inputs and to socialize and network, but this maid, ………..ridiculous!!” she closes with a frown…and goes back to listening……….

It struck me ………I am rummaging through my notes, my mental notes to find if any of the successful women in that room gave this “critical success factor” as an input ….could not find it though,

But I know now…you can ask any one, what is the Critical success Factor for a women acheiver –



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