Bloggers anonymous! :)

To be or not to be? That is the question!!

Does it make sense to continue as an anonymous blogger ? what are the pros and cons?

Reveal yourself – says one side of the argument (obviously, if it is a question, then there are always two answers, right?). #1 Very few people blog for the interest of writing and hence if you are going to share your identity, it is only going to reach a few people, who really are interested in your writings. #2, what is wrong in sharing your identity, you are what you are…go ahead and share #3 knowing the writer brings in more credibility to the writing.

Look at it this way, when you blog, the focus of the readers need to be on the content of what you have written and not on the author. When you reveal your identify, there indeed is going to be a bias based on the age, gender, nationality, language, state, marital status, education, profession and what not. The bias can be positive or negative. But again the questions comes to

To be or not to be?? Do we want the reader to be biased based on the author’s identity?

At the moment, the choice is NOT to have biased readers and continue as an anonymous blogger

– from the anonymous blogger (i really do not know if there is indeed a need for “bloggers anonymous”, but it gives a catchy title!!)

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