Got To ‘LET-GO’…. To Move Forward

It was extremely tough….been thinking of it multiple times, tossing over it ………it was always there in the back of the mind….a task to be closed, but never could get down to action.

The function is something which I have been handling for the last four years, started with the definition of the function (even before the function took shape), nurtured and established. I am looking back at the time when I took over this responsibility – with so much of expectation, with so much of confidence about my ability to manage and establish something new, with support from the senior team. It was indeed a thrilling experience that I could still keep in touch with the core business through this function and also get the flexibility of limited travels. It worked out well. Additional responsibilities came in……which started taking almost 100% of my time. In spite of the additional responsibilities, I always cherished my involvement in this core business and put in additional effort to ensure that I indeed give my attention and effort to the function which I established.

And then the news came in……. Granted, we are facing recession, organizations are flattening, etc, etc………..but still, it was tough, to agree that I need to Let-Go of this responsibility, especially when the team still thinks that I am doing an excellent job of guiding them. The role is not going away, but getting merged into an existing function. I need to set the communication in motion and handover the responsibilities. It starts nagging!!

It was a discussion on personal relations…….the query was about what do to in a relationship where the other person is not reciprocating the same level of emotional closeness ? how to handle the possessiveness and insecurity which creeps in when we know about their other emotional attachments? Is it natural and ok? Without any realization, ‘bang’ I start. Of course by default, my pragmatic sense kicks in and I emphatically say “That IS natural! Feeling possessive about something which is close to you is natural. At the same time, if you have enough experiences in life and understand how to look at emotional attachments objectively, you will find the way! You will understand that YOU HAVE TO LET-GO IF YOU REALLY LOVE SOMEONE. It is the same in all relationships – spouse, children, parents, siblings, friends and there is no two way about it!.”……………….my inputs were well received and appreciated. I seem to have established my point of letting-go and the maturity which is required to practice it!!…….

And here I am, struggling to accept the fact that I need to do the LET-GO act, may be not in a personal relationship, but in the professional way. Again a strange way how your own mind can work ……….it could kick in when it comes to sharing its ‘so-called’ knowledge to a person in need……….it seems to fail when it comes to the self and especially in practicing the same……adding to it, it also enjoys and revels in the praises about how sensible and matured mind it is !!!

Suddenly, there is clarity…it struck that your mind can think better if you are not emotionally involved. It is the same act of LETTING GO………may be, it is a professional scenario, but nevertheless it is the same……it clears my thoughts………I am all ready to let-go ……….it struck me, it is not a new concept…….I have heard it before – from my professional mentor (sort-off!)……….”to grow into a new role, you need to let-go what you are doing”…….”in other words, you let-go of your comfort zone, you will grow and explore newer horizons!!”……

I could write the four line note, a positive note that I am looking forward for this function to flourish further in the new hands and I am all set to explore the new responsibility which is around the corner!!

At the end of the day, I am lucky enough to stand on my own wisdom (though it required a conversation with an equally alert mind). It is a wonderful feeling to realize the calmness which spread through you – this is the understanding that your mind is taking the control on your actions, the fact that you indeed can practice with ease what you preach others (and the comfort that the praises given to me on my sensible advice, is indeed worth enough!!)

“Let-go” 🙂


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