All I need is a wife at home!

It is an evening and we are chatting up……she is a ‘no-nonsense, down-to-earth’ lady and pretty matured for her late twenties. Like always, I am trying to understand on how she is managing – two kids, a spouse who is an entrepreneur (and it comes with lot of travels and extra hours at office), a home to manage with in-laws and then her career….

I was praising her for her ‘will make it’ attitude and was questioning her on what she can make things easier for her………(of course, I can see that she is managing pretty well, but I always try to psyche to understand what goes in her mind).

She wonders and tilts her head and says with a cute smile and a twinkle in her eyes (is it mischievous?)………” You know, it will be great if all the working women have a wife at home…….!!!”

We just Laugh and Laugh and Laugh…………..but it did strike me, may be …………TRUE!!


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