Disappearing Boundaries ? !! (a secret wish on the Int’nl Women’s Day)

Ok, it was an official international call… and we are aware that the communication costs are expected to be kept to a minimum…………so what?, when the other person is someone whom you know for the last ten years and respect for the professionalism in them…….and also whom you have looked at as your GOD MOTHER sort off…………then, u still spend another couple of minutes on the official call to check on how things are…………before you really sign off.

“Tomorrow is women’s day!! Wishes to you! Any plans?”.

Without hesitation comes the response “Buddy, honestly, it takes someone to remind me that I am a women and tomorrow is a declared day for the women of the world. Tell me one thing, do you ever see any situation in the corporate world, where women can operate differently, because I am a women?………given the fact that we are moving into the times of having metrosexual men, I am confident that the gap due to gender difference is becoming narrower everywhere……at least it is true in our corporate world and also in the upper class and the lower class of any society”.

With an expected understanding and pride of having a pragmatic (& also dreaming!) confidante, the conversation is signed off…. “You are indomitable!! As always, you make me think more about women in your own way….bye till we catch later”

Topic to dwell further……….

Is the gender boundaries disappearing ?……….
Is it is always the middle class in all society who are caught in typecasting………whereas the upper class and lower class are all going ahead with what they want to do with their life!!


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