The intelligent way of sharing!

It is the best stress buster meeting of every day – I am referring to the lunch hour meeting, between the so-called ‘lunch gang’ of assorted people…….men and women in late thirties and early forties….all in senior positions of the organization hierarchy and hence by design do not have many friends within their team (it is always lonely at the top of the pyramid!)

The only common thread initially was that the entire gang works in the same office block, in dissimilar functions,which is a comfort as there are no conflicting interests. Over a period of time, similarities were found within the lunch gang – the first pair who always want to tease each other about who is eating more of the junk food; – and the second pair, who enjoy these teasing and share inputs on the daily affairs of the world. This lunch gang also serves as the office grapevine to some extent……the gang is slowly losing inhibitions and sharing lots of things.

Off late, the comfort factor is pretty good and the two food lovers literally make fun of each other over food. There is always conflict about who gets the biggest share of the ‘goodies’ for the day.There were sweets on that day, from the nearby famous sweet shop. There were no option for any conflicts on the biggest share – there were only four pieces available and it was an equal share….after that came the big red apple and there was the fifth person who joined the gang – oh, now, it was the sharing one apple among five!!!

The two food lovers start on it……’hey, don’t cut big pieces for yourself, this is unfair’…….the argument continued about the person who is cutting the apple is being unfair, etc………the other three were watching….the brawl was going on. Then the quiet ‘down-to-earth’ guy gives a solution – “you cut the apple into equal five pieces and then he will distribute the five pieces to each one of us”….it was a good one and the two foodies have to give up their brawl!!

I could not stop wondering “Oh, wow! What an intelligent way of ensuring that sharing is indeed fair!! When I highlighted that it indeed is a smart way of ensuring that sharing is always fair, the lunch gang mentioned that this concept of sharing dates to ancestral days, when the lands and properties are shared among siblings and cousins. Lots to learn!!

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