What struck me in the whole episode was the temperament of PC. I am talking about the shoe throwing incident on PC.

It definitely is an excellent display of TEMPERAMENT – one of the most critical leadership qualities. When I watched the replay on the TV, I could see the intriguing smile on his face within a second, he was never hassled, not even an iota of annoyance – Though Bush handled it well, on close observation, we could see the slight smirk on Bush’s face when this happened to him.

What makes someone’s temperament so good? Is it the family background, life experiences or the mental status?

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  1. It is the cost of loosing your temper. Just like in corporate environments, you grow and mature with rise in position. As you grow higher in any organization, you see the big picture of things and you choose your battles. You choose to smile and shrug off things that you may have reacted to when you were in a junior position. PC sees the big picture. He sees the issue well, he sees the unhappiness of the sikh community and he sees the cost of loosing his temper with elections around.

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