It was the regular story reading time. The famous tale of Alibaba and Forty thieves!! With lot of emotions and background, we say together “OPEN SESAME”…..the cave opens and Alibaba was surprised to see the load of treasures which the forty thieves have kept in the cave…

He quickly collects them in his gunny bag and puts it on his donkey and walks – it was a confused expression on the little one’s face – I stop the story and ask, “what happened” – “ You said Alibaba is the hero of the story, but he is also a THIEF??!!”

Never realized that I will be caught with this question which i don’t know how to answer –

is alibaba also a thief?


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  1. Thought process of a clutter free mind. A mind that has not yet fallen for pride and prejudice; a mind that does not contemplate the past, worry about the future and is free to take in the present moment and ask that innocent yet logical question.

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