Best Wishes!!

It was the 6th birthday of the newly joined classmate “Sannath” in first grade!

The gifts (activity books) were already wrapped in glittering giftwrap! Time to fill up the “best wishes” card….and the 6 year old says “i am wishing “Sannath” to be a good boy in class, so that he does not jump on the bench and make the teacher angry. You know, he is very naughty in class and gets scolding from teacher! can you write this wish in the card?”…… took some time to convince that the card is too small to hold all these wishes and it is enough if we wish him in the mind!

What a beautiful, simple wish!!…I was bowled over by this wishing ‘thought process’…….I started thinking…..I keep wishing many people on various occasions…….how many times I really think about what I am wishing when I say “best wishes!! “……… has become more of a formality?

What makes the 6 year old think so clearly and stay focused and genuine? Did I also had it when I was 6 year old and lost it somewhere on the way of growing up into an adult?

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