Trade Secret!

” You know what da?  Our teacher told us that ‘B’ section is better than ‘C’ section.  She says that ‘B’ section students are very quiet and do the work quickly.  She wants our ‘C’ section also to be like your ‘B’ section!”   –  This is the neighbour’s 6 year old who is sharing the day’s happening at school with his friend.

The little friend who is busy playing with his Bakugan toy responds without turning “No da. She tells to us that ‘A’ section is good and to Atul in ‘A’ section, she tells that ‘C’ is good.  She wants all of the sections to be quiet and quick all the time!!”

I could not help pitying the teacher…….a six year old has already figured out her trade secret and also shares it freely with all her students!  She needs to be extremely smart to outsmart these 6 year olds!!


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