Social Skills

It was a “working from home” day and just got off a long telecon.   The door bell rang. It was the ever bubbly, enthusiastic Ms.VN on the door.  She had come to give her copy of yesterday’s newspaper – I have requested her if she can spare that for a day as the little toddler at home used our copy to build his paper dragon!!

She was probably going out (i cud see she had a shopping bag ).  May be, being what she is (helpful and so friendly), she would have thought of doing the additional help of dropping the newspaper at my place. 

I open the door, talk to her and thank her……she comments about the living room being so nice and bright!….I smile and then she says a bye and I say a bye  –  all these happens when I am inside the door and she was outside the door. 

It never occurred to me even once to invite her inside…infact, it never stuck me till the next day morning that i did not even bother to invite her inside.  

What is wrong with my social skills?   Am i losing them or is it just that i am being more of a taskmaster?  😦

Either way, I did not like it!  I need to call her and make it up!!

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