It was a noisy evening with the kids playing football over the corner…we were chit chatting….the kids came running  –  ‘Hansel broke his teeth when the foot ball hit him…….call his mom’.

RJ quickly pulled her mobile out of her handbag and called JS  –  JS came with her ever striking coolness and calmness……….she says  ‘  Hansel beta, go and wash yourself in the club is just the teeth which was should be fine’.

He was indeed fine once he washed up and went back to his game.  RJ was enquiring..’so, are you finishing your fasting today?’

JS smiles and says  ‘  yeah, eight days are over’.  I was surprised and asked   –  ‘u fast for eight days?’…she smiles and says ‘we can drink lukewarm water as much as we want.’

I wonder…..she has been not eating anything all these eight days – not even milk, but she is so fresh and bright with the calmness and cool…..i was thinking of the one day where i had to fast for 24 hours and how irritable i became…

and look at her……she had been thriving on lukewarm water and stands here with a smile and a very clear thought and a calmness which catches me…..

After i come home, i keep thinking that i should read more about jainism……….i google for it…….and then realize it is just not me, but the  scientists are indeed studying the jains fasting to understand the survival techniques…….

but for me, it was the calmness and cool…….not the physical thriving which was unique…… has to got to do with the mental stature than with the physical status!

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