Physical Activity

It was dinner table – being the beginning of  a long weekend, the family was in relaxed mood and discussing everything under the sun.  The discussion turned into the recent communication by the block committee to ban all the children sports during 1 pm to 4 pm  –  this is to avoid noise during the nap time?!.  This communication from the committee drew lot of flak among the residents.  I added –  “the charm of this place for many residents is the time the kids spend outside the home, they are into physical activity most of the time – playing some games with their friends and in an enclosure where the parents feel relaxed about the safety of the kids.  Implementing the ban means these little ones are going to spend more time with the TV!”.   I could see the little one in my house did not like seeing his parent getting agitated on this issue….children always want positive energy around them.  When he saw my view was being reciprocated again on the dinner table  –  with additional inputs like  “I agree. Even with all these no ban hours, they have more energy during the evenings.  With this no ban plan, they will get glued to TV or computer games and end up in no physical activity”……

“TV and computer are also physical activity only  –  TV is for eyes and thumb (remote control operation) and computer it for all fingers and eyes”  –  Bang came the response from the little one!!

🙂    🙂   🙂

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