Review – made easy!!

After a looong  time, when the family watched a movie  in a theatre, i was more thrilled about being together than what was going on the screen…….

Ofcourse, I did watch the movie and noticed that i was not as thrilled as many others…..(i already knew pencil and moon smart answer, i did not like the mockery on being poor, i could not stand the melodramatic technical usage of vaccum cleaner on an emergency!)………but then, i was anyways ok with what others liked in it…especially the teenagers where more than happy to quote this movie as an example to their parents…and then by force of habit of going with the flow, i did decide this is a good movie……….  !!

Then, out of the blue, zap comes up this  review on three idiots…on a blog…just could not stop smiling…….that someone took the pain of putting some of my thoughts……..


though i did not feel as  strongly antagonistic as in this review , i felt traces of similar feeling about the movie …….!

Review  –  MADE EASY !!  🙂 🙂

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