Rajni & ARR – Success Factors

I was watching “ENTHIRAN”  music release function on the TV………

Rajni continues to evoke the same sense of awe in me…may be it is something which has become a habit  from the childhood – starting from primary school, i remember waiting with granny in the queue outside the theatres –  much earlier than the showtime, so that we get the tickets first [Granny  always thought it is important to get the seats in the front rows to get a clearer view of the movie and the sound!!  🙂  ]

It is always a happy memory – watching any of Rajni’s movies ……..while it was his style and stunts which enticed us during our childhood days, it was the mass appeal when we were in college (our classmates could all invariably agree  if it is a Rajni movie over the fluid dynamics lab!)  –  but over the period of time, when i grew out of the stunts and mass appeal,  it is extremely intriguing to watch Rajni “BEING HIMSELF” , when he is offscreen….


When my kids watch him in the screen on and off movies, they are surprised that how transformed he is in movies  –  nevertheless, i can feel even the little one has taken an interest in watching him.


Cut over to present…..  – it is the big show in Malaysia –  ‘ Enthiran’ music release day – realyed in TV   – Rajni walks in – stylish –  a very simple trousers and formal shirts, no make up, but the style….he was on stage….he talks and laughts……. –  i was totally engrossed –  he was funny , quoting on how he felt working with Aishwarya (Amitabhji telling me ‘Rajni …Khabardar’)…he was hum ble, praising all the lead players in the film….and when he talked about AR Rahman –  he said the three factors which is unique about ARR  and why ARR is more of a yogi  (dressed in black formals!)

1. ARR is hardworking and sincere , 2.  ARR has chose the path of love (path of love Vs path of hate) and 3. ARR has surrendered to the super power (‘Ella pugazhum Irayvannuke’).

It was such an amazing consolidation by Rajni  –  but what was more striking was that all the three holdsgood much better for Rajni !!! Call him being humble!!

ps – I found Ani has also posted about this – No wonder why Rajni fans were upset  that he is too humble!


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