Why did God create this world?

The question popped up suddently – we were in the car, returning home after a long outing (shopping, visiting relatives) and almost too hungry to even talk  –   the little one was all set to sleep on the rear seat  –  shoes out, stretched out….. and then asks  ” WHY DID GOD CREATE THIS WORLD?

I was initially not sure if i heard the question right ……so, i asked “what is the question again?”………”WHY DID GOD CREATE THIS WORLD?”…….

I started trying  –   thinking quickly of any mythological story which can come in handy  –  all  I could remember was HOW the world was created, but not WHY.  Looking at my struggles, the little one starts the answers –  “may be, because after GOD killed all the bad people like ‘asuras’, He was having lot of time and hence created the world?”….”may be, He was feeling bored and wanted some work?”……”may be, He was feeling lonely and wanted people around?”……..

I was getting even more uncomfortable that i could not really think of any reasons and the little one’s imagination was going wild with every option………

I told him that i may have to read in some books – “vedas/upanishds” and let him know without realizing the danger of next question  – “what is written in the vedas?”……….i have to tell him that i need more time.

Now, like any other unknown stuff, i started googling for this question “why god created the world?”  –  I was amazed that wiki has a page on this and quite a few answers were almost on the same thought process of what the little one thought.

I spent quite a bit of time going from one  blog to another and from one website to another  –  to realize that Christianity suggests that God created the world for Himself, for His pleasure  –  Colossians 1:16

I am more interested to find out what Hinduism gives as an answer and how much i could relate to it?

Or is it as simple as what the little one could think of???

All i could conclude is –  it is an overwhelming question,  making us feel that we do not know so many things – and also a bit thrilled/concerned that the 7 year old is coming up with this question  –  I still owe an answer…

…..and I want to strongly beleive  the answer is seeking the seeker!!……..and one of these days, I will be able to understand myself first and then explain to the little one!

God bless!!

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