GOD! – Now i have a definition to identify YOU!!

Discovered the definition of GOD ……….it is the 7 point definition

  1. You are available to me all time   –  You do not need any formal invitation
  2. You do not get your bad mood come on my way
  3. You listen and give me the confidence that i can share everything with you  –  the  craziest of any thoughts
  4. You do not judge me and accept me as I am
  5. You understand
  6. You do not force your ideas on me
  7. You guide

Now, think of the 7 point definition and check if there is any one person whom we know and fits that defintion  –  it is extremely very likely we are already interacting with that person on a day to day basis –  it is just that we need to identify them……..

So,  GOD is around  in the form which you can identify  –  all the time……..it is just that we got to identify who HE is!

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