Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru (T4)

Category  –  Romcom ;  Rating – 4 ;  Comment  –  Family entertainer!

There are handful only  –  I am talking about the women directors in Tamil Movie industry!

I happened to watch the movie  T4 in the television  –  it was by chance!  I had half hour on the Saturday morning for myself and after a long week at work decided to laze around and switched on the TV.  This movie telecast had just started and the initial titles/credits gave a hint that it is a going to be a comedy! Being a fan of comedy, I started to watch and ended watching it till the end  – inspite of the frequent commercial breaks inbetween !

When I  saw my teenager and the little one getting interested and  joining me in the laughs through the movie , I realized this is probably one of a kind of Tamil movies  –   realistic, funny, zero violence, in line with the times and indeed a real decent FAMILY movie…

That made me check on who the director was and I am pleasantly surprised that it is a woman, considering the typical challenges of being in showbiz –  my first thought was that she should be an intelligent film maker and i felt she should have all the qualities of a successful women  –  the key being “not conscious about her  gender”…….most of the time, i find the successful women are not concerned (or rather ‘not consider’) that they are women!

Nandhini JS

I was surprised once again when i read through her blog and she also mentions the same about being a  women(!!) director  🙂   Kudos, Nandhini!

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