Memoirs of a Geisha

Category  –  Women/Culture/History  ;  Rating – 4 ;  Comment  –  To watch!

The first time I heard about Geisha was from Raj when we were discussing about women’s position in various societies and how the East and West differ in their perception about women power!!   While the general perception is that Western culture gives equal opportunities to women and is more gender inclusive, there is a tremendous awareness and improvement in Eastern cultures on gender inclusivity.   Nevertheless, given the past history and culture, East definitely have to catch up with West.   The reference to Geisha in the discussion was towards the novel  “Memoirs of a Geisha”,which is a novel written in autobiography style.

I added it into my list of  ‘ TO-READ’ books and Geisha was fading from my memory  –  when yesterday I was surfing over the TV channels is when I saw the same title and a movie starting.  I can not resist and as always just spent the time viewing the movie completely without any guilt of unplanned TV time .

Ofcourse, it is a worthy watch!!  The movies moves with the girl ‘Chiyo” and covers her life before and after world war 2.  The portrait of this girl as a Geisha is what probably is the secret of the success of this movie!! Very wise discussions between Chiyo and her big sister tells us  the complex role of a Geisha !!   The story was very realistic and intelligent and moving!!



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