Passport Seva Kendra – Proud to be an Indian!

Considering that all we hear about are the scandals rocking our Indian Government over 2G , this has been a very refreshing experience –  I am talking about the new PASSPORT SEVA KENDRA from our own Indian Government.  I witnessed a sea change  –  how things were in the past and how much the new system has turned around my perception on our Government offices.

I always wonder on how the ‘so-called’ IT manpower producer for the entire world lacks so badly in its IT infrastructure –  there is still so much opportunity to streamline many of our government processes and public utility services.  So, when I visited the Passport Seva Kendra in Bangalore, it really made me proud.

What I liked

  • Online facility to  upload our passport application
  • Online facility to get our appointment book (no more long waiting at the gates)
  • Almost 100% predictability of the start time when we reach the Passport Kendra
  • Very well-defined process and streamlined assembly line process,
  • smiling support staff  – good job!!  KEEP IT UP!!
  • Clear instructions
  • All got done in 1.30 hours!!!!

So, next time if you have any activity in the passport office in Bangalore, you can breathe easily.   Things are done in a smooth manner. I am sure the credit also goes to the service provider, Tata Consultancy Services also.

I really feel PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN!! JAI HO!!

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  1. Hardly my expereince. I found life much easier 10 years back without these PSKs. With all the fuss about IT, it took me more time if anything. 10 years back I waited in one queue. Now I had to wait in 4 queues. 10 years back i could go on any day I liked. Now I have to book a day 15 days in advance and if some new priorities come up in office, I have to suboridnate that and go for getting passport. Earlier you had to fill paper from. No you fill the same stuff online and take print out. Police man came for his money like last time and it took same time to be delivered as 10 years back. No idea what you found so good about the service.

  2. Now, PSK website is broken. You can no longer take appointments. I got my passport 4years back and it was much simpler, it hardly took me 15mins in a nearby bangaloreOne office. The website is a shame and looks like it was developed for a high school project. This is truly a shame and I would advise them to go back to the previous system.

  3. I am trying to get an appointment from the past 1 month… But no results…

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