The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch

Short notes & good quotes

“The Park is open until 8 pm” – I am trying hard to practice this – in my communications (official as well as personal). It indeed was tough to start with, but by and large it has become a habit and a challenge when I sit down to write a note.

“Pouring soda in the backseat “- I want my children to understand me like this(who is more focussed on the children’s happiness) and also want them to be like that with their children. I believe in it.

“Look for the best in everybody” – is it not the same what the short story in Mahabaratha talks about – you can choose to see the rose or the thorn in a rose plant. I agree and again it needs lot of practice to make it as a habit.

“All you have to do is ASK” – well said and is always true and it took me some time to personally practice it

“Dream big, achieving your childhood dreams, time is all you have, and you may find one day that you have less than you think, start by sitting together, earnest is better than hip, no job is beneath you, we cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand, you have a choice to have fun”– good quotes to remember and practice

To be honest, I found it very difficult to go over the book as it brought back memories. Given a choice, I would not have picked up this book by myself. But, after completing it, I felt indeed it is a good book, which I could have missed but for receiving it as a New Year gift!


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    Btw, nice review esp when u said that i brought back memories. maybe if u cud mention the price n work on a few more of the chapters n quotes, wud hv added to the punch. nice of u 2 give links to Randy’s page n to his other works. good post.

    Rock On n do Vote.


  2. Really nice book.The last lecture ,the name reminds me of a youtube video….promoted!

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