‘God,have that skirt get longer’

Ofcourse, it was a catchy title for a short article in Times of India  –   When i finished reading this article, I could not hide my smile ….World’s most powerful president ,  Mr. Obama of United States is like any other father of a growing daughter!

While we had multiple discussions between  colleagues (over our energetic lunch sessions) on this topic of our growing girls and their dress sense, we actually never found a solution  –  Most of us used the cold weather as a reason to justify why our girls should wear a longer skirt or a jacket over that figure hugging tops!!!…But nothing creative beyond this!!   😦    😦

And that is the reason I smiled when i read that article.  Personally, I felt it is too silly a request to the ALMIGHTY…but, if  Mr.Obama is reaching out to GOD, probably we should all join!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Ok, letz get serious!!  In a related note, one of my friends who handles some special language classes to teens, notes that children get very upset with parents when they dictate on their dresses.  In a class discussion about conflicts with parents, the Indian children asked a logical question  “If a Chinese immigrant parent can allow their kids to wear what the kids like to wear, why is that my parents are not ok?”.  

Now, this is a tough question  –  I was wondering probably my friend gave a long lecture about Indian culture and etc…..I was curious to know and checked on the answer, but was pleasantly surprised on the answer.

” Your dress impacts the way you present yourself and plays a very important role on your self-image.  Dress should suit the occasion and should consider the group of people present, culture, climate and situation.  While no one will question  Mr.Obama if he chooses to make great speeches with his jeans and tee, he takes the effort to come in formals  – this is to create the respect for the audience, to communicate in a subtle way that he is serious about his speech and he respects the forum.  So, you – as intelligent children should choose the right dress for right occasion  – if you practice this, you will see the difference and understand why your parents insist on some things”.  –  Great answer, is it not?

If you have 22 minutes and 41 seconds, you can watch Obama’s National prayer  here

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  1. No, it never occured to me to pray that my daughter wore more suitable clothes – but I can certainly empathize with President Obama.

    The funny thing is, that now that I am a lady of a ‘certain age’, I wish that many dresses in the shops came with a longer skirt. My knees are too old to be exposed to the public. The public doesn’t deserve them to be exposed.

    • Indeed, it is funny!! Women become more adorable with ‘certain age’ as they build on their knowledge, self-respect!!……..people are going to be looking at you in awe for your knowledge and the knees can be the last thing in their mind!! 🙂 🙂

  2. LOL interesting post!
    I am lucky to have never had this kind of a scenario growing up. Dad and I usually agreed on fashion statements.

    • :)…oh….dear!! i missed to tell u…..this post is only meant for parents who have girls above 12 years old!! ofcourse, we want our kids to think that we always agree with them on everything ……… 😉

  3. Nice post. such thing seem to be on the top of the mind of every parent.

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