Outliers – Malcolm Galdwell

Simple theme – To grow into the tallest and strongest tree, a virile seed is the basic need. The virile seed needs something more to ensure that it grows into the strongest tree. It needs the fertile sand, and also timely rains, and also required sunlight, and also a safe environment, and ALSO……..etc, etc. There are so many such virile seeds all over the place and we indeed should be doing something to ensure that they all get the right environment and opportunity to grow into strongest tress! Gladwell has treated this simple theme – success of an individual depends on that individual’s capability, and ALSO on the OPPORTUNITY (which comes on his way) and LEGACY (the environment from where he comes). If the right opportunity and legacy are available, we will have much more success stories. He has taken lot of real life examples with so much of supporting data. The book is so well written that it makes such an easy and interesting read of this simple topic, which otherwise would have been a boring research dissertation! Starting from the Roseto Mystrey (people were dying of old age, that’s it) – insisting through examples on how OPPORTUNITY plays a major part ( The Mathew effect, The 10000 hr rule) and LEGACY is indeed a key factor to success – Plane crashes due to communication – it indeed is an excellent way of narration of facts . The PDI – Power Distance Index is indeed a strong management concept, which should be really looked and understood by those who want to be a good leader and lead the team for a cause. One of the few books which keeps the reader engaged through and through and also make the reader relate to every part of the book. And I am sure we all could relate so much to it. In my case,I have always listened to my father narrating the times he spent during the Second World War, when he was a child. If only the war was not happening, they would have had more time spent on learning music, and he would have been one of the world-class musicians today. He insists that it is not only the individual’s talent and interest, but the time he was born, his family background and the situations and opportunities which were available to him at that time. The only flip side of this book – the potential negative conclusion of an immature mind – ‘though I put in lot of effort to succeed, unless I am from the right legacy and get the right opportunity, there is not much of scope to succeed….so, why bother?’ I felt this book can be a good read for a teenager (or anyone who has to succeed in life) to reinforce the importance of hard work and communication!! – the 10000 hr rule and KIPP, the Power distance Index narrates very nicely the importance of them. At the same time, I was cautious enough to highlight the flip side (mentioned above) and say “ You need to be ready………when an opportunity comes in, you need to be ready with the 10000 hrs practice….and it is never the other way!!”



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