Marriage – Osho

  • Author –  Osho
  • Category – Non fiction
  • Rating  –  Not sure if I can rate it!!!   😦

This book is a collection of Osho’s preaching and excerpt from his other books……….. .all about marriage!!! 

 Now, let me be honest.  I did not completely enjoy reading Osho’s thoughts on marriage At times; his thoughts were too stunning and at times too abstract and theoretical to comprehend.  Probably, he had an explanation for my reaction – within his book – “that is because your mind is conditioned about how a women should be and what marriage should be’

 There were some parts of the book which made sense and there were some parts where I felt it is all rhetorical !

 Osho quotes that human beings are polygamous by nature and the institution of marriage forces them against that and supports monogamy. While men invented arranged marriage to bring a framework, they also understood that men need a vent and hence they invented the system of  ‘devadasis’.  Now comes the question  –  IS WOMEN NOT A HUMAN BEING?  She indeed is!! So, why was there no system for women?

 But men planned in such a way that women were reduced to a thing…Women were denied education, they were made to be dependent on men financially – we made a society where women were dependent on men for financial security and also for knowledge (women were denied education, in general)

 It is true that the Indian system of marriage gives stability.  So, West invented a different solution to this polygamous nature  – they went with serial monogamy,  so there were lot of marriages and lot of divorces  they fall in love, marry and then they get out of love and divorce  

 So, marriage puts a constraint and hence it kills love.   Osho reinforces that love is important. 

 While it all made logical sense, I could not stop thinking in the following lines………………

 If marriage is not the right institution and if it kills love, what is his idea about giving a secure home to the children, who are the future generation? 

 Many marriages may lack love. 

 When two individuals, who were tied together by marriage and not by, love……… wanting to lead a peaceful life with integrity….…..over a period of time will definitely develop “AFFECTION, UNDERSTANDING, ADJUSTMENT – all the good things required for a successful partnership. 

 Marriage (with the basic affection and a conscious will to be a better parent) indeed gives an environment where there is higher probability of achieving a physically, mentally and emotionally stable life. And ofcourse, this brings in an environment for the children to grow up so that they become stable individuals.

Somehow the way we human beings are designed, we need both parents –  mom and dad! 

 Probably, marriage is an artificial way of enforcing men and women to establish units that form a cultured society.  For humanity to survive and reach further heights we need certain basic rules and framework in place and what is a better alternate to the institution of marriage?

 If we can come up with a better alternate framework than marriage  –  which is going to achieve love and affection and also provide a stability in life  –   who is going to complain??!!!

 Today, marriage works and there is no alternate which is better  🙂

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  1. I’d like to argue why marriage doesn’t work for a couple of reasons. By formalizing the relationship and putting rules it decreases the “surprise/spice” element. Its like living a life with too many rules and too many boundaries. It is fascist in a way, so it ceases to be exciting. I think a true relationship is one where the man does not need rules to tell him to do the right and faithful thing in marriage. (Its an ideal, I know! xP) Nonetheless, here are 3 interesting points about marriage. 1) Why so much divorce now days? Because people marry out of culture not love. Marriage has been elevated as the culmination of a relationship where once you marry everything will be perfect. It is like a jewel that only a few people get to have. It should be taught that only if they truly love each other should they marry. 2) Its been shown that in evolutionary psychology studies, women prefer to be the 5th wife of George Clooney, than the first and only wife of Boso the clown. Why? Because women want a “man”. They don’t just settle for anyone, much less a “low” lifer. So it is weird that they wouldn’t mind polygamy but rules and conditions apply–mainly money and success. 3) Even though men will probably know that they will never get rid of that “want” for other women, it is useful to know that relationship-wise, constantly looking for other women is a waste of time and effort. Therefore, a “superior” man would know or at the least guess that he is served best by loving just one woman. Now if you’re just talking about being polygamous sex-wise, I guess that is debatable because you could hurt your woman in the process of taking that action. So after all this crap, I would say polygamy is the ideal marriage for men if women are used only as commodities, but not if you truly want to delve into what is true love in a relationship. My advice for guys, find one good woman and forget the rest! You have better things to do than get laid in vain and if you don’t have better things to do, then find one!

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