The 3 mistakes of my life – Chetan Bhagat

  • Author – Chetan Bhagat
  • Category – Fiction
  • My rating – 3 on 5

Typical Chetan Bhagat story – starts with a scene where he gives a first hand narration – brings the feel that the author is sharing his experiences with us – immediately makes us feel that we are part of it….well used technique! And of course, he has the right mixture of the popular ingredients – cricket (passion of India), patriotism, the religion fervor of Indian politics, love, sentiments and finally, the established well accepted climax of “they lived happily ever after”!!…………what else you need for connecting to the mass of India!! I got connected!! It was an easy read – not much of a challenge for an average English reader, simple vocabulary (may be the most difficult word in the whole story was the word “agnostic!” and Chetan is so mass-reader-friendly, that he ensures that the meaning is also shared in the story!)

Chetan did it again!! 🙂 Recommended for a light reading!!   🙂

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  1. Must be an enjoyable read The 3 Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat. loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and orignal, this book is going in by “to read” list.

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