Paths of Glory – Jeffrey Archer

  • Author – Jeffrey Archer
  • Category – Fiction
  • My rating – 3.5 on 5

The reading becomes more interesting with the knowledge on the life of George Mallory.  So, before you start on the book, try on this link.

With an understanding of the background and the real characters, and given that the story is about man’s conquest of Mother Nature, it sure makes an interesting read.

While the main storyline glorifies man’s quest to conquer nature, there are two distinctive key themes –


Archer seems to be aware of the one of key basic factor which improves the  QUALITY OF LIFE  –  giving equal status to the fellow human being, irrespective of the gender.

It is still a challenging achievement for many  –   talking about gender equality is one thing and practicing gender inclusivity(!!!) is another thing!.   Archer has well woven the gender inclusivity concepts into the story at appropriate places. The sample conversation between George and his father goes like this……

  •  Qtn  –  “why aren’t girls given the same opportunity as boys”
  • Ans -“it is not the natural order of things, my boy”
  • Qtn – “And who decides the natural order of things??”



Archer has very well articulated on what goes in the mind of a woman, who loves a man so much and contemplates on holding on to him or letting him go to fulfill his dream  –   clear logical conclusions are well narrated……….

“ I would rather have spent two years on earth with one of the most exiting men on earth, than forty with someone who thought I had prevented him from fulfilling his dream”

“you sould not stand in the way of his destiny.  If he were to see some lesser mortal achieve his dream, it could be you who spends the rest of your life regretting it”

Overall, the curiosity of manhood to explore nature has been well laid out in the descriptions of Mount Everest  (the other lady!!).  The story has the right concoction of romance, gender equality, history and the suspense to keep the readers hooked to it.

Good read!


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