SM Krishna – Is it his fault?

I some how did not feel so shocked  –  I felt as though it is feasible for someone as old as SM.Krishna to make this mistake  –  I am referring to Mr. SM Krishna our own External Affairs minister,  who inadvertently read out the speech of his Portuguese counterpart at a UN Security Council meeting.

While the press is criticizing so much on this slip of 3 minutes, I feel there is a root cause to this slip.   For a minute, look at Mr. Krishna as an individual –

He is 75+ years old (born 1 May 1932) –  the age of a grandfather! He had a long political career  – goes without saying that it is a stressful career!!.  While as dutiful individuals, we strive to take care, give enough rest to our parents/grandparents!!.  On the other hand,  we have elected a truckload of Indian politicians  who are 75+ and running some important offices for our democracy!!  I honestly feel sympathetic towards them  –  at this age, when they need to relax and have a calm life  and purse their self interests in life, they are holding such critical posts which needs an alert mind !!

As citizens of the world’s largest democracy we have all the rights to criticize anything which happens in India and we also have equal responsibility to set things right –   probably, we need more youngsters who can take politics as a career with alert minds!!


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  1. Hi,
    It is certainly his fault. If he is a grandfather — shouldn’t he be home playing with his grandchildren or watching TV sipping on some tea? Why is he out in the open in front of a prestigious organization like the UN making a fool of the nation? If he doesn’t know what he is reading — i think it is time he retires ! India cannot be made to look foolish just because he is old … and only if his desire to remain a politician goes and he retires will a youngster get a chance to climb up the ladder.

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