Capacity Leakage?? – Youth in India!

Being in a profession where people are the investments, I am lucky that I love to interact with people  –  I always feel that the people I meet are the ones who have shaped me to a better human being than what I was in the past……

It was one such meeting yesterday  –  he is in his early thirties and has been in IT industry for twelve years now and is moving out to purse his management education in IIM C  –   relocating with his wife and two little kids to a new city, leaving the plum IT job he had!!   Knowing his background,  I was so happy for him….Happy that he is making the right decision and moving towards his goal in life!!

He shared that his greatest concern about people are about the CAPACITY LEAKAGE they are going through and not even aware of that  –  CAPACITY LEAKAGE is a new word!!  When I was looking puzzled….he explained – everyone in this world gets only 24 hours a day, but then….how we are using it makes the difference.  He said in the IT industry, there are millions of youngsters who are spending loads of time on things which are not a priority –  they have so much capacity to do so many things, but because of their mindset, they merely exist !!  The enormous amount of capacity which gets leaked from each individual is un imaginable and if used well can help this society! I can not disagree with him…how many times we have heard the young IT crowd talking about being stressed, not having enough time, etc…  How many times do we think that we can improve every day on our time management skills, while most of the time we end up giving excuses like  “am so busy…i hardly have time!”

He left me with a thought  –  if it is possible for him….why not for all?  –   what is that I can do to influence my circle to ensure that they are aware of their capacity?   Lot to think and implement!!  …….

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