Maid in Manhattan

Category – Romance ; Rating  – 3  ; Comment –  Rich boy, Poor girl –  Romance in the air!

Another romantic movie  –  Boy meets girl and they happily live ever after!!!   Just that in this story, the Boy is a candidate running  for the senate and the girl happens to be a maid who initially gets introduced to the candidate as a socialite woman!!!…..Mistaken identity creates heartbreak …and then, all ends well when the real love takes over!

Jennifer Lopez  is more towards the Indian women when it comes to her frame in this movie!!  She obviously is an attraction and one of the reasons for the viewers to watch this move.  And then, it is Ralph Fiennes!!  From the moment he gets introduced….I was amazed when i compared  the villainous Voldermart from the Harry Potter series to  the hero of this romantic movie!!!……

So, overall, as in any romantic movie, there is a message which is expected to touch our hearts  –  in this, it is “FORGIVE and let LOVE flow into your life”……A nice simple movie to watch and relax!


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  1. key word being simple. Didnt u find it oversimplified?

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