Indian Women – Addendum to Chetan Bhagat’s article!!

This Times of India article from Chetan Bhagat has been well read across India……..I got it forwarded from my collegue who thinks it is real nice quirky….Coming from Chetan ,  it has to be!  – you should read Two States to see what I mean, he indeed has a quirky sense of humour ……..

When I read this article first, I had an immediate good feeling  –  ‘oh-so-good’ of a celebrity guy to appreciate what a women goes through and give suggestions to be stress free…..  To make the ‘oh-so-good’ feeling last for ever…..i had to edit/ add to Chetan’s suggestions…

  1. It is nice of Chetan to make women aware of their power on  mother in laws……:) ….Be aware that women are all powerful  even beyond their mother-in-law….and always remember, with Power comes responsibility…
  2. Absolutely agree with Chetan…….do remember, doing A GOOD JOB is the key….once you understand the key, this law applies to all genders…..
  3. Financial freedom is a bliss… again,  expand your boundaries beyond your mother-in-laws and husband…… women got to be economically independent to say “go take a hike” to far more people beyond their husband and mother-in-law…..
  4. I am sure Chetan meant good when he came out with suggestion for the “STRESSED” women at large…. Still, I find it tough to stop thinking on why this suggestion for women to be less competitive on this gender inclusive world?? …..remember women are much smarter species of homo sapiens and wired to multitask…as long as women can prioritize their responsibilities, they are fine….Women still will be a
    A+  in that one thing (or many)  they want to be, if they want to be!!…….Set your goal and go for it, girl!! 
  5. When it comes to tiffin dubba and  diet, I agree with Chetan…. For me, Indian women think much beyond tiffin dubba and looks..…….and  women  are COMPETITIVE as they want to make a better world for themselves than what it was yesterday……..Just that  they compete on things which are larger than their tiffin dubba and looks ………..…so, let women keep that competitiveness with themselves……losing it may end up giving more stress!!

I may be biased too   (may be it is an Indian thing)……. for me, Indian women at large fight beyond mother-in-laws, husbands and bosses…………

I read  that in a recent survey India ranks as the fourth most dangerous country for women to live in (Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan ranks above us)….….

Indian women are the most indomitable as I see   – they definitely need the spirit of competitiveness –  they will continue to be compassionate ..

Create an environment of inclusivity for the Indian women at large…….consider them as equals (in our heart, we know they are FIRST among equals) … that will take their stress away!!


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  1. Interesting thoughts !!

  2. I am privileged that this forward article inspired you to write this piece.Enjoyed reading it again

  3. Interesting post you have written in this Indian Women – Addendum to Chetan Bhagat’s article!! I … reach!!. Thank you.

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