Woman and Empowerment!

MK Gandhi said “If by strength is meant moral power, then woman is immeasurably man’s superior”…….

The recent most discussed incident of the Kannada actor Darshan Tugudeep seems to defy this fact……….this is one of the  high profile “so very personal”  but  “all public”  episodes…….many versions of the same story keeps coming up in the news…..

  1. Violence against women
  2. Woes of modern day relationships
  3. Gender bias in film industry
  4. Money behind the scenes
  5. ………..

For me, the fact remains that majority of Indian women want to still accommodate the domestic violence for various reasons……this happens starting from my maid who belongs to the lowest income strata to Darshan’s wife, who is probably the upper class of the society …….

It intrigues me many times on what make these women wanting to hold to their husbands who manhandle them…………when I openly shared it with my friends, we just could not come out with a convincing answer, but for the humor part

I:  Terrible, I wonder why this lady still stuck on this guy?  He has already decided that some other women is better than his wife?  She should just let this guy go and see how much alimony she can get and be happy by herself……….that is what Tiger wood’s wife did and that is what even the south indian star Prabhudeva‘s wife did………….why can’t Darshan’s wife do that?

My friend:   (thinking for an answer and looking at the logic of my question gives a big smile and says)………..you know, women think better when they approach 40…..it will take some more years for Darshan’s wife to get the logic!!!   🙂 🙂 🙂

God…..any way you can make all the Indian women to think like they are at their 40s??



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  1. Please add “all women” to that prayer! I don’t understand it either.

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