Johnny English Reborn

Category – Comedy Thriller(?) ; Rating  – 3.5  ; Comment –  A decent movie to go with kids and have a heartful laugh (throw logic out!)

Coming to the story………based on the trailer if you think it is about “Mind is the master of the body” , may be………you are in for disappointment…!!  It is all about being funny, foolish and then foolish, funny!!……the scene where Rowan takes off with a helicopter and lunges down to road to check the direction ………..”what is the altitude?” ……..” 18 inches from the ground!”…………

The Tibetian monastry adds to the colour…..!!  Watchable and enjoyable!! It is a funny movie and I was in the mood for it and laughed out loud  for even small eye movements of Rowan Atkinson  –   I am sure the funny feeling comes with the history of Rowan Atkinson been known as Mr.Bean in his past life……………I have watched his Mr.Bean’s episode in the dentist …………gosh, even the serious person has to laugh for it!!


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  1. Honestly I am not a big fan of Mr bean series , but I watched this movie and found it to be funniest of all in recent times , whole movie is a complete fun and at most of the places his performance is brilliantly funny.

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