Interview with God – short videos I liked

There have been days where a simple  quote OR a short film(video)from wilderness had helped me made my day. I keep  getting these forwarded links from my acquaintances at different times. Very many times,  i had felt a need to remember them – given the fact that my brain is too smart
and does not waste any memory cells to remember what can be stored elsewhere, i decided to put them here and share it with others…….

These are the videos which in  some way or the other had made my day, made me feel better, made me stay  focused…..! I sure want to view them again and again (without taxing my  memory cells!)


I keep seeing this short video again  and again ….it reinforces the fact that “WE CAN” and the  unmeasurable POWER OF LOVE.


Can’t be said better! A good one to  share with the next generation! 🙂

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