In July (aka, ‘Im Juli’)

Category – Romantic Comedy  ; Rating – 3.5 ; Comment – Simple, refreshing and the travel background makes it interesting!

I watched this movie in German with English sub- titles.  Helped me recollect few German words  –   “Bitte, Danke, Guten Morgan,..Nacht…..” and was reminded that we have to pronounce Juli as Yu-lee.   Ofcourse, I can never afford to forget my Munich Oma and Opa (God bless them! ) –   Mr&Mrs Jacob  – to be pronounced as Mr & Mrs.Yacob”  –   J is existent in German, but pronounced as Y..!!

Ok, about the movie………the drab, unassuming hero (college teacher played by Moritz Bleibtreu) believes an imaginary story by the heroine, played by Christiane Paul.  This makes him take a wild odyssey from Hamburg to Istanbul  –  and he does a lot of things for the first time in his life – this helps him in discovering himself and in turn his true love during this journey.     The  interesting part is about the heroine’s habit   –   she takes a vacation with no predetermined destination – the way she explains it…… impressive…..  “I even went to Afghanistan” ………with a shine in her eye……makes you feel you should start doing it now!!  (I have to keep it in my bucket list!). And, the sites of Istanbul, Hamburg, the journey through Eastern Europe…..nice sites to watch!

I hear that this is one of the unique German movies which is light and romantic!!  Good job by the director, Fatih Akin!  WATCH!!!   🙂 🙂


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