Why is that when a movie  which is decent, has some message , good actors and which I expect  to do well becomes a “so-so” average movie ?………….Is that why the Kollywood movie scene  is not predictable??

180 is one such movie where the hero is realistic and lives in a sophisticated environment –  very different from the “large than life” images of the heroes, who can fight single handed with 100 boxers, use all sorts of not so sophisticated dialogues and get into low class humor!!   For a change (welcoming one), the hero had the “average ordinary guy next door” picturization  –  one of the key reasons which made me feel that  it is one of the good movies and then realized that for the same reason (Realistic hero from a sophisticated background), the movie failed to make a big hit!   As they say,  “the strength is also the weakness”………

Great camera, nice music, very realistic story (if you ignore the dream songs)….tough theme…….but, the heavy storyline was handled well……leaving the audience with a positive note…..One more movie (After ‘Im Julie’), where the hero just goes away to any destination as the life takes him…..the scene where he rotates the globe and asks a child to touch a place in the map was very touching………..and the last dialogue of the movie when the kids ask “will you come tomorrow”.? was classic……….

The so cheerful, decent responsible doctor’s character transforming into ever depressed, scared, irritated individual was unbelievably true…….makes me feel how much strength of mind it takes for those terminally ill patients to live life for the day!  (God bless them!).

On the contrary to the heaviness i felt when i watched “My Sister’s Keeper”, I felt very positive when this movie ended!!  Special mention to Siddarth, who handled this role so very maturely……..!!

WATCH!!!   🙂 🙂


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