Revolution 2020 – Chetan Bhagat

One look at the cover page  –  you have the entire story  –  love (three angles), corruption and ambition.  Feels like Chetan wrote this with the inherent plan to make it a straight Bollywood masala  –  I can actually imagine the actors in the lead roles to be  Neil Nitin Mukesh (good guy), Amy Jackson  and Shah Rukh Khan(extremely good bad guy)……………  🙂

Chetan can do much better –  even his newspaper articles have more thought and effort from Chetan than this!  Am not discounting that it is a good masala with the right mix of all required ingredients for a commercial Bollywood movie, but then……..Chetan can have much tougher goals?  The ramblings on AIEEE and IIT JEE is getting a bit too much after all his earlier novels…… is the standard love story theme….!!

Now that Chetan has covered the first five numerals  –  One night at a call center, Two states, The three mistake of my life, R2020 (add the twos to make it four) and Five point someone……….time for him to breakaway and handle different subjects!!

You will read and like it if you like masala fiction!  Entertaining!


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