Why this Kolaveri di

Only one word to describe the song – it is CRAZY!!!……You should hear this song (99% you would have already?)  ……….to appreciate why i wrote “CRAZY”  in red, bold, underline!!

Though I was aware of  this song for the past couple of days, I bothered to listen in only today –  major reason being that it was covered in the first page of Times today morning.  Read the article here……….TIMES OF INDIA .  When i heard it first time –  it was unbelievable……..!!!

It sure is a crazy song, cannot be classified as great music……..but then, I heard it four times already and recorded the song in my phone so that i can listen in later….I started analyzing on what made me do this………..catchy music, simple words, all in english but tamilized (mark it…..this make become  a word in Oxford dictionary like baptized) …….romantic flavour,.it is very easy to sing along……….easy beats……….explains the maximum hit on you tube  in two days ………

Am sure, lot more accolades are yet to come in for this song !  Congratulations to Aishwarya, Anirudh, Dhanush and Shruthi!  LISTEN  🙂 🙂 🙂

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