Bangalore – the Best!

It was a pleasant surprise when I read the news about Bangalore being ranked as the best city to live in India……it actually surpassed all the four  Indian metros  –  Delhi, Kolkatta, Mumbai and Chennai!!!…….The news article can be read here

While I know the traffic and infrastructure needs more improvement, the upcoming metro train transport in Bangalore should address it is my sincere hope.  Ofcourse, it goes without saying that the state governance should be focussed and committed on this  – the live streaming of CM’s office which started with a big bang is facing technical snag and I hope the metro train plans are reviewed for any such snag….

Here is my list of top seven reasons on why I like Bangalore…………..

  1. Weather………lovely all through the year
  2. Greenery………you will be surprised by the small green patches in between densely crowded residential and commercial areas – don’t forget Cubbon park and Lal bagh
  3. People……….Bangaloreans are the best when it comes to making everyone feel at home  –  they are so polite and love peace
  4. Cosmopoliton……..the city itself is so mixed that it has its own cosmopolitan culture..From Malleshwaram to Koramangala it has the Mysore Iyengars to the MTV personalities
  5. IT companies……….gives loads of opportunities
  6. Darshinis………..the ‘stand-and-eat’ restaurants at every other street with their hot ‘idly-vada’, ‘masala dosa’, ‘chow-chow bath’, ‘rave idly’,etc with the fresh coconut ‘chutney’ and hot ‘sambar’
  7. Style……………..

No wonder, the silicon valley of India is the winner of the year!!   Bangalore, the best!!!

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