Adoption & IVF

It sure is a big sensational news (read here)!! Aamir khan – super star in Bollywood and his wife Kiran Rao (known for her intellectual brilliance as a director  –  Dhobi Ghat is a sample)  went for IVF and Surrogacy to become parents of a baby boy!

While I was reading the news and once again wondering at the advancement of medical sciences (any new-born is a wonder for me and makes be believe in some supernatural power),   I could not resist a query which popped up in my mind.

“What made Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao consider IVF/Surrogacy option  over the option of adopting a needy child?”

Given what I read about both of them, they are intelligent enough to consider adoption as a good option……

Adoption process in India has come a long way.   It has moved from a family affair/hush-hush activity to a  much more professional process –  it is well accepted by the modern Indian society  –   people who have adopted kids are open about it and they share the details with the kids also  –  I have couple of my close friends who have adopted kids in India and have shared their experiences with me, which makes me confident that it is now a well-planned process.

So, what made Aamir and Kiran look for IVF/Surrogacy?

The only reasonable explanation I could think of –  Aamir/Kiran couple may have thought that a biological child (even though it is using surrogacy) will be much easier to bond and may stand as a representation of their married life.  The reason I think so is based on an input from one of my friends.   My friend’s spouse wants to adopt a child as a sibling to their first biological child.  My friend is not very comfortable with this option and has refused the adoption option.  My friend feels that when the children grow together, it may be very tough for the parents to be neutral to the children  –  one being a biological child and the second being an adopted child will bring in a bias…..I can appreciate this fear of future and the need for a very stable outlook about adoption…

I think it is much  easier emotionally to accept a biological child (Even if it is through surrogacy) than an adopted kid.

A tough topic to mull over!


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  1. I was watching a show on the TV and they said something about Kiran having had miscarriages – surrogacy is recommended when there is a medical condition.

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