The Adventures of Tintin – the secret of the Unicorn (3D)

Category – Thriller Cartoon (!) ; Rating  – 3  ; Comment –  I missed Prof.Calculus!

It was an easy decision to pick this up as the movie for the family  –  especially when the kids are on top of the Tintin series of books.   A short movie with dialogues in English accent made it an easy watch for me.   I was continuously looking for Professor Calculus through the movie to pop up his head with his hand watch in vain!  :(.  I never realized the story line of the movie did not follow the book  –  these are times where your poor memory helps you……..I watched it as though this is the story and felt that some part of it were very slow….till my kids highlighted that the movie did not follow the book…..which probably disappointed them.

While the technology was good, I still felt there are specific places where the 3D could have been put to much better user experience……..

Overall, i think I expected more from Steven Spielberg…….though it was still a decent movie!!  WATCH!


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  1. Spielberg may not score much points when it comes to his use of motion-capture animation here but the film still benefits from a fun and kinetic direction that brings him back to his old Indiana Jones days. Serkis is a riot the whole time as well. Great review. Check out mine when you get the chance.

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