How to Dress Smart!

Let me declare that am still a novice on fashion and I continue to work on the mission to better my wardrobe …..!!So, what I am jotting down here are the three basic principles of smart dressing which work in IT industry in India (ideally, it should work globally for other industries also?)

Here goes the three basic principles of smart dressing

 What is the IMAGE you want to project about yourself in your official environment? Mostly, it goes with your value systems is my observation. For me, it is DIGNITY
 • Dress for your next desk! – Just means that you got to dress for the highest role you are aspiring to reach in your career! If you plan to be the CEO, think how a CEO will dress!
 • Think what dress you are comfortable with – when you go shopping remember the advice from Sandra Bullock in ‘The blind side’ – “before you choose something, ask yourself IS THIS ME?”

Once you have firmed up the above three, then you are already smartly dressed. While there are many opinions on “how deep  the neckline can be ? “to what is the right perfume  to wear at work, I strongly feel if you are clear on the above three, you can carry yourself well!

Some of the women who have mastered these are –  Priyanka Gandhi  (Politics),  Indira Nooyi (Business),  Bipasha Basu (Entertainment),  Mother Theresa (Social),  Arundathi Roy (Arts),  Sania Mirza (Sports) and  Kamala Selvaraj (Medicine)……..

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