New Age Americas!!

Many a times it happens  in the history –  a simple photograph unfolds a greater story about the changing world.  This is one such picture (thanks to my classmate who shared it with me)  –    amazing one!!

ObamaIt says more about Obama as a leader  –   one who appreciates the dignity of labour and respects his fellow human being.   The worker looks like a Mexican origin!!   It definitely takes some compassion towards fellow human being to recognize our support staff   –  starting from the maid in our homes till the office support staff.   I think this says much about the new age Americas….Well done, Mr.President!  You are leading by example!

ps –  Ok, for those skeptical minds who think this is part of Obama’s political image building exercise considering the impending US elections… what?  atleast he is projecting this as a good leadership gesture….. You should still remember the other white house picture when the US hunted Bin Laden…….

Obama and Clinton

ps 2  (only for Bollywood and Kollywood followers )  –  Remember the scene in Munna Bhai MBBS /  Vasool Raja MBBS where the hero hugs a cleaner and makes his day!!! ………our Indian movie makers probably are much ahead in times!!!   🙂  🙂

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    Lol yes…. i can remember that scene 🙂
    but what does that has to do with OBAMA ?? even this picture can be a setup ! 😛

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