Ra One

I am not reviewing this movie or giving it any ratings …………Honestly, it is not fair for me to give any rating because I stopped watching the movie just after the first 35 minutes….

The only input I have to King Khan is – Please REFRAIN from calling this movie as a CHILDREN’S ENTERTAINER……….

In general, average parents do not expect such explicit scenes and song sequences worth of a adult’s movie in a so-called children’s entertainer……..When my colleague talked about his ten-year old daughter asking questions which he was feeling uncomfortable to explain, I was retorting  –  ‘come on, it is a Bollywood movie and you can watch it with kids as it is supposed to be superman movie for Indian kids’…………….but then, I was wrong………I had to eat my words after I saw the movie!!

May be I am overreacting…..but, this is how I feel.

When Shahrukh can do a movie like “Chak de” which I want the kids to watch again and again, I can expect him to definitely refrain calling “Ra One” as children’s movie.

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    yes. not at all a children’s movie !
    Film doesn’t even worth 1 % of the marketing done by them-Dee…

  2. A nice post. You are definitely not over-reacting. That, is how many of us felt with RA-One. It would have been better, if the movie had a better script and not named as a ‘Children’s Entertainer.’

  3. The chamak- chalo song is awesome…

  4. somewhat same thing happened.. when i went to watch it in theater, within few minutes after the movie started, my frnd told me that we shouldn’t have come or atleast 7am arivu is better. tamil dubbing was horrible.. we just spent rest of the time just for the A/C in theater.. seemed to me like SRK wanted to fulfill his childhood superhero dreams..

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