The Help

Category –  Drama-Comedy ;  Rating –  4  ;  Comment  – Women ensure changes come into society!

Another aimless TV browsing Sunday lazy evening…and then I see this scene where a young girl is talking to an African women –  who is dressed as a maid of olden times  –  something in that maid’s expression is so familiar  –  may be the anger or the big expressive eyes or her overall presence on the screen……..i just got stuck to that channel and checked what is this movie  –  it was “THE HELP”

I continued to watch the movie – the settings was 1960s civil rights movement of America and the theme was about the hardship the underprivileged went through and the support they got from the good souls of the privileged community –  major part of the narration was from the view of African-American maids.   I get intrigued by the fact that in all society, women really bring in the change at grass root levels. (call me a feminist!) While it is true that majority of civil rights leaders across the globe were men, I believe that women ensured that the change happened –  be it Rosa park or the African-American maids similar to the ones portrayed in THE HELP.

And the maid community across the world have a common thread connecting them – they are underprivileged, most of the time left to themselves to fend for their families (the husbands are hardly supporting the maids or their children), emotionally connected to their employer’s children when they are nannies, have that basic grit to sustain life, appreciate small joys in life, support each other….of course, there are this small percentage of greedy not-so-honest types too.   Maids are such an important part of parcel of any society and seeing this civil rights story through the eyes of them was indeed captivating.

Almost towards the end of the movie, my elder one peeped in to check what happened to me (true to self, forgot about the sundry works to be completed over the weekend including the dinner preparations..) .  When she saw me watching this movie, she remarked – “Oh this is a Oscar movie – the supporting actress is Olivia Spencer and she got the Oscar for this role”….. Wow!  Explains why I got stuck with her expressive eyes in the first instant.

A movie to watch and appreciate!

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