Bollywood to Hollywood

Ok, it is now once again established  –  I am one of the top movie buffs around the world!!  (any possible award for being this??).   Let me tell you why I think  it got established.  I once again figured out that a 2005 movie from BollywoodMaine Pyaar Kyun Kiya?  went all the way from Mumbai into Hollywood in 2011 as “Just go with it”.

Given both the movies are above average with its clientage, I could only wonder how many such copies between the movie industries exist  –  or it is only very few of the movie buffs who identify these copies across various movie industries??

I had watched the Hollywood movie some time back.  Last Friday night, i  happened to watch this Bollywood movie in the TV.  The storyline and the characters are all same  – the doctor who is an irresistable charmer, his assistant friend who helps him out by playing his non-existent wife, the charming girl who the doctor wants to marry.  Ofcourse there are adaptations to suit the culture  –  the Bollywood version has unmarried assistant who takes care of her sister’s kids and the Hollywood version has the divorced assistant who takes care of her own two kids.

So, what happens to the film industry?  do they get similar ideas in two different people across the globe OR they really think it is ok to copy  –  what is more intriguing is the fact that the 2005 Bollywood movie was inspired by a 1969 Hollywood movie Cactus Flower.

Then, is it from Hollywood (year 1969)  to Bollywood (year 2005) and again back to Hollywood in 2011 !!! Call it adaptation!!


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