Bollywood Films

Okay, I see today was Bible based films in the A to Z April challenge  –  so, i regionalized it to Bollywood Films (it actually is fun to improvise it like this!!)

Bollywood is just not an industry for many,   but it is life and culture!! For me, it is the real life story of evolving human spirit  –  I get awed by the business acumen (amazing amount of money turns over),  showmanship (wow, you can keep looking at those mega movie sets and costumes),  resilience (the story of Amitabh is good enough to cover it all!),  the energy (all the super Khans are pushing 50s??), the youth (does the youngest heroine fall under child labour category??!!  :)…….my list can go on and on…… sum it up, Bollywood is a culture!!

While many movies get produced and released consistently in Bollywood, if someone asks me about one single Bollywood movie I would love to watch any time, it is “Chak De India”  –    It is a 2007 movie, ironically did not have any Bollywood standard song and dance sequence, and show-cased patriotism, upliftment of girl child, the grit and determination of a sports coach .  It was a movie beyond the heroes and had a strong message!

When I write this, it crosses my mind that there indeed is a real life analogy  of a hero  –   I had the opportunity to listen to Franz Gastler presentation and pretty much impressed on his focus on empowering the girl child of India through sports (foot ball specifically) –  While I will remember to write a separate article on him, you can read more about him and his NGO at Yuwa-India at .   Excellent contribution to Mother India from an Indian at heart – Franz Gastler

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  1. Wow! I’d never heard of this guy, or about the movie. Thanks for sharing. A true hero, indeed. SO many of us plod through life just doing what comes next. I can’t imagine doing what he’s doing–and I applaud him for it!

  2. I’ve only seen a few / but I agree it is a culture
    glad to meet you on A to Z

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