Flying film

Letter F for the A to Z April Challenge.

Payanam  (2011)  movie  –  It is one of those thriller which brought in the freshness to the tamil movie industry.  Prakash R did it again as a smart  producer and Radha Mohan proved himself again as a great director  –  a movie completely shot within the airplane, no songs (which are typical of all the south indian regional films) and still made me sit through the movie with complete attention.

A very well planned movie script, great direction  –  when the hijack plot thickens and each one of the passenger play their role so naturally, i knew it was one of those exceptional regional movies which solely represented the director’s intelligence.  The movie had only second tier actors (not the superstar categories)  –  still, it was one of those movies which I would want to watch again.

Watch definitely!


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  1. Thanks! I am not planning to write about Indian films for the A to Z Challenge. Instead I’m confining myself to the people I used to know in the Roger Corman world. But you might check out a few of my earlier Beverly in Movieland posts, one on Lagaan ( and one on the great Bollywood film Devdas ( In any case, welcome to Beverly in Movieland.

  2. I love when a movie or book takes me be surprise with its freshness and overall enjoyment.

  3. I’ve enjoyed reading your A-Z blogs.

  4. Thanks for the Moneyball review. And thanks for visiting Beverly in Movieland. I’m always happy to welcome you there!

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