Juggling Movies (#atozchallenge 2013)

Tossing it out gave a reason on choosing such a strange topic  for letter J in A to Z April Challenge.   In the regional movies, the circus movies  will qualify straight for juggling movies.  In addition to ezham arivu (2011) which was featured already under circus movies,  there were two additional circus movies  –  apoorva sagotharargal (1989) and mera naam joker (1970).

While Ezham Arivu had a positive drama as theme, both the other two movies were the hero is part of circus and good at juggling had a sad theme –  a drama which was in line with my expectation .  Nevertheless, both the movies did very well in box office and also got enormous accolades for all quarters (forget this one soul who only likes romcoms!).

Beyond movies, Juggling immediately brought me the thought of theses “so-called”  multi tasking career focussed mothers!!  Sometimes, they are so very much into multiple things, it looks like they are the best jugglers in the world around.  What was so surprizing for me is the fact that whether it is the most advanced Western culture or the most conservative Eastern culture, women all over the world juggle things efficiently  –  finances, health, family, career, friends, hobbies, social contributions, etc… they amaze me!!  Starting from the iron lady Margaret Thatcher from East to that many tribal women in the remote villages of African forests, there are lot of efficient jugglers who ensures the world is as beautiful as it can be to many folks around them (ofcourse, there are some exceptions, but those are aberrations to the natural law!!)

While every time management tip ask us to avoid multitasking to be more efficient, I doubt if any women will subscribe to that fact and lose any time by sequencing activities !!  We see women on the move and checking their make-ups, we have women in the kitchen and taking those conference calls for work, we have women working on the fields and singing to keep their crying babies soothed, etc.  Can you add into this list??


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  1. Interesting twist you put on my post. Thanks for the reference.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

    • sure! The pleasure is mine – I feel lucky to stumble on your blog on day 1 of the challenge….and now i have some one choosing the topic for me everyday! that is cool!!

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