Movies about making movies – Vellithirai (#atozapril challenge)

This was easy one from “Tossing it out” on letter M for april challenge.

Velli thirai ( “silver screen”) is a 2008 Indian regional movie(Tamil) which candidly exposes the stark realities of movie world clouded with jealousy,  intellectual cheating, money, power, casting couch culture, etc.  while  the plot itself is a brilliant refresher, the way the movie was shot is something of an tremendous effort from a debut director, Viji.  Prakash Raj, the producer and also the lead actor in this movie has once again proved that he can do a good job of nurturing the right talented entrant directors.

While the theme of “EVIL PERISHES, GOOD SUSTAINS” is reinforced, the last few scenes where the crew ensure to complete their movie (within the movie) is intelligent and keeps the viewers guessing on what will happen next  –  the actors were in the form, story was flowing naturally and it was a perfect ending !!

I watched this movie twice and am sure will watch it again!

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  1. let me look for it in BigFlix…while I’m fond of Telugu Masala films .. ( i dont understand Tamil or Telugu) 🙂 but the intensity which you describe is worth giving a try … may remind of Dirty Picture i suppose !!
    Anyways , i am first timer on your blog…
    and quite liked the versatile topics you have expressed yourself on …. so expect me peeping sometime on weekends 🙂

    🙂 Happy Blogging !!

    • hey, if you like telugu movies, I think you should watch the movie ”Neninthe” which is of the same theme as expressed in the article.It shows, all the good and bad in the film industry. Also the actor had won Nandi award.

    • This movie was one of those realistic movies which i liked. If you watch the regional TV, this movie is on it quite often. And thanks for your feedback. Appreciate it and looking forward for your feedback!

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